We are a Healthcare IT firm that understands it’s not only about the software! Our consultants are well-suited for this work because they know the leading packages and the key clinical and financial processes across various care environments. We combine our in-depth understanding of the top packages with the independence needed to effectively assist our clients with all aspects of implementation – including software selection and contract negotiations.

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What Client’s Say

Stavros is a solutions based and knowledge driven team-player. He is very clear in his requests, and does not hesitate to provide expert guidance which aids in task completion and team cohesion. His process clarity comes from a focused understanding of the subject matter, making him an extremely valuable go-to person. His depth and breadth of IT knowledge has been a valuable resource on a number of occasions, which we have been fortunate to have at our disposal. It would be my pleasure to work with Stavros on a team project, anytime.!
Weston J Morris , Chief Architect, Strategic Programs, PHILIPS HEALTHCARE
Stavros really knows the software industry and what it takes to lead a world class development organization. He has a deep knowledge of enterprise software architecture and quality processes which shows in the attention he pays to detail. During business planning and design sessions, he has demonstrated his technical and business acumen as well as his ability to keep customers and architecture teams focused and moving toward their objective!
Ken Koch, Technical Architect, PHILIPS HEALTHCARE
Stavros is one of the brightest persons I have the honor to work within the past few years. We started in the same group, and his hard work and earnest attitude soon distinguished him and hence promoted to the director of Strategic Program Office that handled all Unisys company wide reusable portfolios. In that capacity he lead a technical team in consolidating and designing reusable assets in diverse strategic areas including outsourcing, open source, enterprise security, and real-time infrastructure. Unfortunately during this economic hard time the change of company direction means we no longer handle company assets at corporate level and good people like him has to be let go. I have no doubt that with his technical and managerial caliber; Stavros will flourish and succeed in the next endeavor of his pursuit. I would recommend him most highly.”!
Jih-Fang Wang, Executive Architect, PHILIPS HEALTHCARE
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stavros on several consulting assignments. One example was for a Fortune 10 customer where Stavros was engaged to do a short-term architectural assessment but through his insight and immediate impact he became the acting Chief Architect. His unique value is the combination of his deep technical expertise on a broad range of topics related to Enterprise Architecture and the ability to clearly communicate these concepts to technical management, engineers AND business executives!
Jeff Elam, Principal, ATOS ORIGIN
Stavros has an uncanny ability to not only give clients what they want, but also give them what they need. Within a few moments of meeting with clients, Stavros’s technical prowess becomes evident and he quickly earns their trust and establishes credibility with his straight forward, no nonsense approach to solving technical problems. Few technical architects are able to combine technical and business skills as Stavros has to produce quality technical solutions, establish and maintain client relationships, and generate lasting customer satisfaction.!
George Chaplin, Project Manager, Microsoft